Our zoo app is done! Now we want to track which buttons are pressed to see what the most popular exhibits are. As before, click on the cloud icon to access the service menu. …

In our Zoo app, we’re going to have information cards describing a variety of animals. …

Whew! The insurance app was quite the workout, but I definitely feel a lot more confident with Unitys UI system and my legs aren’t as wobbly when it comes to Amazons AWS but I am definitely still learning to walk with it.

The next lectures are challenging us to recreate the panels on our own and I have to say with no humility that I nailed it, and that’s a definite credit to the earlier lectures!

What it’s supposed to look like.

When you want to learn how users are using your app, setting up analytics is extremely easy to do and will provide you with all the pertinent info you’ll ever need:

First of all, go to Windows/General/Services and it will bring up the services panel. Analytics is immediately visible.


Before we get into the callback section, let’s put our successfully downloaded case into our apps activeCase:

UIManager.Instance.activeCase = downloadedCase;

Let’s search for case 329 and see if everything populates correctly.

Now that we have the ability to find the case, now we download it.

In AWSManager, where we find the file, we’ll use the GetObjectAsync method to stream our object's data into our object.

What’s nice about C# is that it has a built in set of search tools called Linq we can take advantage of to help us search for a specific case in our bucket. We’ll add the namespace to our AWSManager.

We’ll then use a built in function of link to…

After we now can successfully submit cases, we’ll need the ability to type in a case number and have the program list all the items in our bucket, search through them, and present them if found.

For our search button, we’ll have to come up with some code that will…

After refactoring the AWSManager, we’re ready to give it helper methods to upload and download files. Right now, we’ll focus on uploading:

Creating a function that will upload to S3, Amazon will try to recreate your file path which can be cumbersome, so we’ll specify a direct file path for…

In the UIManager class in the SubmitButton function, we first created a new variable called _filePath and placed the constructed string into it for a bit more readability.

Since we’re going to send data to the AWSManager, it would simplify things if we made it into a singleton:

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