Asset Bundles for Unity — Uploading an Asset Bundle to AWS.

The process to uploading an asset to Amazons S3 is pretty simple (in comparison to other actions). Let’s log in to our account:

Go to S3 and create a new bucket. I’ll call mine sdaranatomy

Amazon offers to give you the option to copy previous buckets settings. This will save some time so I’ll choose my last created service_app bucket.

We can skip through the rest of the options, click on create bucket.

Our new bucket is created, let’s select it now.

I want to upload a file so hit upload.

and upload your file either by regularly choosing it by file manager or dragging and dropping the file into the screen. I went for the latter.

And that’s all there is to it! Your file is ready to be downloaded from an app! Unity will need to use the AWS library and we’ll get into that tomorrow. :D



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