Modularize the platforms!

Right now, if we wanted to make more moving platforms, we’de duplicate the one we have and place it in other areas but our environment would get really cluttered quickly!

Instead, we’ll make our moving platform a self-contained object a designer can place around the level and it won’t be so messy. First let’s give the moving platform a different look. Create a materials folder and then create a new material called Moving_Platform_mat. Choose a color and assign it to the moving platform object.

Next create a new empty, be sure it’s zeroed out, call it Moving_Platform, and drag the current moving platform and both targets into it. then zero out the x and y positions of the platform and targets.

Prefab the newly modularized moving platform and you now have a handy moving platform template!

Go ahead and recreate the moving platform we originally had.

And since it’s a prefab, we can easily make others!

Next time, we’ll be talking about lives! See you tomorrow!

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