Daily Progression — Setting up the player

Today was an easy challenge, we were given the task of setting up the various player animation states. A sprite sheet was provided for each one, as an example I’ll share the process for the idle state.

First the idle sprite tilesheet is selected, and then type is changed from default to “Sprite 2D and UI”.

Then, there are various ways one can slice the sheet up. One can choose automatic and Unity will do an OK job, but we can also specify how many rows and columns there are and for this particular sheet, it looks like that option will work well. We begin by changing the sprite mode from single to multiple and hitting apply:

Then we open the sprite editor, select slice, and counting the rows and columns, there are 7 rows, and 5 columns so we’ll tell unity to slice with that information and then hit apply.

after slicing, we can see all the frames have been sliced into their own sprite, we’re ready to begin setting up the player in the scene!