Daily Progression — more tile fun!

Esteban Ibarra
3 min readJul 17, 2021


During the next few lectures, we started making a simple cavern level first by laying down some ground tiles in the Ground_Tilemap.

We then made a new Tilemap set called Caverns and we sliced and put some cavern textures in.

Next we imported some more cavern tiles using the same techniques as before but put them into the same tile palette.

The next challenge was to import the vegetation tileset. Easy!

Next, we started working on the background caverns, we created a new tilemap and called it Midground_Tilemap.

If we started painting now, the tiles would go over the current ones so we need to tell the tilemap renderer that the order is -1. to place it behind the current tilemap.

The next crucial step is to select in the tilemap that you want to paint in the new midground tilemap. Otherwise, you’ll still be painting in the older one.

Then it’s just painting the background!

After a bit of tweaking the last cavern, I had this:

We finally made a third tilemap layer for the Far background layers called FarGround and painted some tiles into it.

Next, I painted in some of the vegetation and foreground items for the foreground tilemap. With the rest of the elements, it didn’t come out too shabby!

Tomorrow we’ll learn about Animated Tilemaps!