Setting up a 2.5D platformer.

Wow! The Cinematography course was a huge buffet of awesome info and now I’m about to dive into 2.5D platformer. Now *THIS* is a course I feel like I’m going to really benefit from as this is the kind of game I’d like to be making initially!

I’ve already created a new GitHub for it, and I’m super grateful that the school had me write articles on everything I’m doing because I had to refer back to my git article to create it! Don’t grow old, folks!

Afterwhich, I immediately began the introduction section to the course where we immediately set up a simple level with primitives:

Start Level Setup

To begin, we’ll create a simple platform out of a cube, name it Platform, and then drag it into a Prefab folder in our Assets.

Next, just duplicate the ‘platforms’ to make a simple level design.

Before we clutter up our hierarchy, let’s make an empty called ‘Level’ and place all our platforms into it. Don’t forget to zero it out first!

Start Player Setup

Next for our player, we’ll use a simple capsule primitive. We’ll name it and tag it ‘Player’. Normally, we’d also attach a rigidbody to use its physics, but we’re going to be learning how to create our own physics for greater control and refinement! So we’ll skip that entirely.

We will however be adding a character controller!

Be sure that the player is on the same level with the platforms. To be safe, make sure the player is at z position zero.

Start Collectible Setup

Finally for collectibles, we just made a sphere with a rigidbody attached to make sure the OnTrigger will work, be sure that gravity is turned off or set gravity to 0, or make it kinematic. Either of those options will do the same thing. While we’re mentioning onTrigger, be sure that is Trigger is turned on in the collider. Prefab it and make a few copies to collect. Like the player, be sure its at z position zero. And for Organizational sake, make an Empty to place the collectibles in as well.

And with that, our introductory lesson is over! We’re going to move on to creating a physics based controller!

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