Daily progress: Creating a UIManager

When we enter the shop, we have the shop code already that will deal with the display of the shop menu and its options, but we’ll also need a manager that will handle the gem economy of the game and update menus when gems are spent or claimed; We’ll create a UIManager for this.

First, we’ll create a new directory in our Scripts directory called UI which will contain all the HUD related functions:

Within this directory, we’ll create a script called UIManager

We’ll turn it into a singleton so we can easily access it in the shop:

In UIManager:

Let’s also attach the UIManager to the canvas:

Next, we’ll need to create a holder for the shops' Gem text display; We’ll add this code:

In UIManager:

And then drag the gem text item into the holder:

Our players' diamonds variable is currently private, let’s make it public so the UIManager can access it.

In Player:

Next, we’ll have the shopkeeper access the UIManager and send over the player diamond count, we haven’t written the UIManager code yet, but we’ll do that immediately after this!

In ShopKeeper:

So now we’ll need to create an OpenShop function that gets the diamond integer passed into it:

In UIManager:

We’ll access the gemCountText object and write the current amount of gems/diamonds we have. Currently 0, but let’s see if it works:

0 gems! Looking good! Now let’s see if we change the amount the player has:

I changed the amount to 33 gems and it showed in the shop menu! Excellent!

Tomorrow we’ll go over OnClick events!




cartoonist, game artist, and wanabe gamedev.

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Esteban Ibarra

Esteban Ibarra

cartoonist, game artist, and wanabe gamedev.

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