Creating a transparent window effect in Unity.

So you’ve just made an awesome indoor environment and now you’ve got to make a transparent glass texture for your windows. Unity has you covered!

First make a new material, we’ll call it glass_mat

Next, change the rendering mode from Opaque to Transparent.

Let’s apply the glass texture to the window. But it’s not transparent! Looks like there’s one last thing we need to do…

And that’s turn the alpha down to a very low number. 0 will make it invisible, but we want a little glass so we’ll leave it around .30 or so.

And there you have it! A nice transparent window for you to enjoy the view of the skyboxed city!

cartoonist, game artist, and wanabe gamedev.

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Esteban Ibarra

Esteban Ibarra

cartoonist, game artist, and wanabe gamedev.

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