Core Challenge 10: Enemies kill your powerups!

Since our enemy code is currently modular, all we need to do is create a function called something like PowerupHunting() and place it into every enemy's case. This is really nice since maybe you don’t want a particular enemy to behave that way for whatever reason. I’m finding modularizing behaviours can add a lot of variety to my enemies actions if I choose to create new ones and I can mix and match them.

So let’s take a look at PowerupHunting!

Raycasting will draw an invisible line from your enemy to a length you specify. In my case, I put 10 units down. We put the raycast into a variable called hit which is then either true or false; we then do a check to see if there is ever a hit, and if whatever collides with that Raycast has the PowerUp tag, it will immediately fire a set of really fast lasers!

Aggravating! But let’s give our enemies a fighting chance, no? Yeah, no. But we’ll put it in any way. :) Tomorrow we’ll give the player a fighting chance by pressing C, he’ll be able to attract the powerups and we’ll do that using a thing called the observer pattern using Delegates and Events!

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