Get more things done with git

  1. Create your repository
  2. Create your Unity project
  3. initialize your local repository
    git remote add origin <paste the url you just copied from your github>
  4. add the remote repository
  5. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! rename your master branch to main with “git branch -m master main”
  6. VERY IMPORTANT TOO! git pull origin main
  7. add files
  8. commit
  9. push remote origin
  10. if you don’t want to keep renaming your branch to main, you can permanently change it with this command: “git config -.- global init.defaultBranch main” (also don’t use the period between the dashes, I put that there because two dashes always turn into a longer dash) Thanks to Siddhat Thakur for the info!



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Esteban Ibarra

Esteban Ibarra

cartoonist, game artist, and wanabe gamedev.