git to know you!

Now that GIT is installed onto your system, we’ll need to get acquainted with it and let it know who we are for it to work correctly with our local system as well as outside repositories like Github or Bitbucket.

git needs to know your name and email, this is extremely important since every git commit uses this information, so be sure that the email matches that of your repositories, otherwise you’re gonna have a bad time.

so how do we give git our info? Get thee to a terminal window and type:

(type dash dash instead of dash period dash. Medium keeps autocorrecting dashes into long dashes and I don’ t know how to fix this, sorry.)

git config -.- global SteveTheDragon

and your email:

git config -.- global

Great! You’re now set up and ready to implement git into your projects!

You’ll want to set up an Account at GitHub and BitBucket to have a public repository. There’s both free and paid accounts that give you more benefits and options. Here’s my currently spartan github page.

So do you really need a github or bitbucket account? What are the advantages?

There’s many reasons you’de want an account with one of these services. First, it allows you to openly collaborate with other creators and teams, it also is a repository for all of your portfolio and documentations, and speaking of portfolio, you can use it as a showcase for your work! There’s also the advantage of making your work publically available, you can get feedback a lot quicker than if you posted it on a more private site with potentially less visibility. There’s also a possibility you’ll find people wanting to work on your project, which you can then invite them or they can make a fork of it to work on. The advantages are plenty!

Next, we’ll be getting into learning how to use git with a few commands!



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